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Life 2014
Thursday, 26 June 2014 • 02:35 • 0 Girl(s)
Assalamualaikum. Dengan nama Allah yang lagi maha permurah lagi maha penyayang. 

4 days to go before i leave this place (home) and continue my study at kpmsi. Sudah berakhir lah kehidupan ku menganggur tanpa berbuat apa-apa. i'm just sitting at home watch tv, listening music& etc. so today june 26th 2014 i'm update my blog cs i'm bored. It has been a few months i hadn't update my blog & it almost half dead. i have a few story to share. Oh no i mean i doesn't want to keep it a long time in my heart. It will makes my feeling hurt. So i need to express all those thing in my blog. & i'm not try to be attention seeker. 

First of All, i can't expected my life will ruined like this. Friends are leaving me. I'm not sure either it 
misunderstanding or they can't accept me as well. Friends if i did mistakes to you guys i want to apologize abt all 
these happens. Me also does not want all these but this is fate in my life that i hv to through it. And how you guys leave 
me like i am nothing for you guys. Nah it's okay. Eventually i still keep our memories in high school. instead of that i got 
Adila & student Essemkay. I really appreciate y'all with me and eventho we're just knowing for awhile but i'm glad that i 
you guys. The real is i don't have many friends. And i don't have sweetest memories in high school. 
Instead of that, am really grateful cs Allah swt met me with this sweetest guy Muhamad Azril. I'm so glad 
knowing you sayang. Thank you for everything. Thank you for what you did, thank you for your sacrifice sayang,
Thank you cs you trying your best to spend a quality time with me to text with me& on the phone. I think no one
can be like you sayang. I know you;re kind person, charming & etc. Eventho we didn't meet each other i know that 
your heart is kind, loveable person. I know our relationship is still new about 1 years & 8 months. But i think i know 
you around 10 years. Hahahaha. Seriously i love you man. Thanks cs you always with me when i need you, when i
need somebody to talk, somebody i need to share my problems. You are the one i need sayang. I hope that you will
accept as well. I hope so that you're the one in million guy. i wish you my 'jodoh' Amin :)

Now it's about studies. umm yes. I will continue my study at kpm seri iskandar. courses that i take in Diploma 
international business. So i have to be girlfriend of kpmsi around 3 years. when i got this chance i must changed my
attitude, i mean the way i study & the way i talk to people. Instead i'm gonna diet. i want to get my ideal weight. It 
was long time i'm not in skinny girl. I had a fat belly, huge arms, huge legs and huge face. Hahaha i mean my face 
getting more circle! hahahaa can you imagine that? hihihihi. So i start my new life at kpmsi. Learn how to be 
independent. And yes i have to speak english right now. This is good time to speak. Actually, i have mixed feeling
about going kpmsi ugh i mean to or not to go. i'm scared if i just alone at there. no friends :'( hm yeah cs i'm fat
maybe people doesn't want to friend with me. i feel so idiot. Hmmm. I wish everything gonna be okay....
Ya Allah permudahkan lah ketibaan ku di kpmsi. Permudahkanlah segala urusan ku disana ya Allah..
Kau kuatkan lah imanku , kuatkan semangat aku ya allah. Berikan lah ku kekuatan. 
Kau ampunkan lah dosa kedua ibu bapa ku. Sayangilah mereke ya Allah..
Aku memohon restu dan berkat kepada mu untuk ku belajar ya Allah. Ampunilah dosa dosa ku..
Amin amin ya rabbalalamin...


He is mine.
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 • 07:32 • 0 Girl(s)

Hello Earthlings! Hepi wednesday night! And it's been over a year again i'm not update my blog. Well last year i've been quite busy with my espiyem and etc. Well as you gaissss as know when someone done with spm and that we called FREEDOM! BUT ACTUALLY NOT A QUITE FREEDOM. BUT YOU GAISSSS KNOW WHAT BEFORE  YOU GOT YOUR RESULT A FEW MONTHS MORE AND YOU HEART BEATING SO FAST. GOSH. FRIGHTENED AND ETC.

TIME FLIES SO FAST. It's been 1 year and 3 months me and my only one sugar pie be together. Syukur Alhamdulilah.

Love Bella.

Story about a girl
Friday, 11 October 2013 • 04:55 • 0 Girl(s)

Hi alls. As you see my blog was half-dead. Long time no seeee. It's been over a year i'm not update my blog. Act, i forgot my password. Ok enough. First of all , I want to share something about my classmates. You know what i really hate my classmates. Super hate. I don't know even a small matter we're going messed up everythings. Especially someone who thinks she is great, she is pretty, she is this she is that! Argh i can's stand it anymore. They were too snobbish. I hate them all excepting certain people that making nice to me. Nahh nevermind , I'm too glad that time come so fast. But swear to god i will miss 'em. Because i'm a senior and that's mean? Yes it's my last time at Sekolah Menengah Bukit Jana in 2013. Hip hip hoorey. My hearts break a lil bit but nahhh nvm i still have my bestfriend! Who supported me from the back. And her name is Fiza and Adila. Only them understand what i'm feel about. 

On september 27th my fingernails almost gone but instead syukur alhamdulilah it just swelling. Thanks god. Hm i don't know how it happened. However, i've realised that we're must careful when we close out the car door. And that's was my nightmare! Be take note everyone , safety first wherever you go. By the way i've met this guy and he is mine. Hehe i will talk about him when i'm free. I gotta go. 

Ok i think that's it. Meet you guys again! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day adorable creatures. 


Final Exam
Saturday, 10 November 2012 • 23:31 • 0 Girl(s)

 Assalamualaikum dan Hai semuanya,
Hi blogger. long time no see. gentle dulu aku rajin gila update blog but now nak bukak blog pun malas, malas nak update pulak. berbulan lah jugak. ni pun tiba2 terfikir pasal blog ni balik. rasa rindu nak bukak tu yg bukak tu. well, i've been busy with a lot of things including school and haven't got time to update this blog at all. i know my blog now is half-dead.

Exam macam mana ? okay? Lol, everything is okay. A huge thanks to my right , left , in front , back and all my friends that gave me a lot of answers. Hahahahaha thank you! *hugs* 
As i'm expected, my Math only on my knees la! Walaoweh. Can't understand even one question.Ugh maybe first three question i will get full mark but the other? *tutup muka*
Oh my lovely teachers, can you just make me pass on Math? 40% at least? Hurmm :( 


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Friday, 17 August 2012 • 06:50 • 0 Girl(s)

Assalamualaikum dan salam ramadhan ya Habibi .

\Bismillahirrahmanirrahim/ Raya nak dekat dah lah . Cepat je puasa tahun ni kan? Harap sangat ramadhan kali ni bukan ramadhan yang terakhir :') Ramadhan ditangisi....Mungkin pergi dan takkan kembali. Siapa tahu? Wallahuallam. Eh harini 17/8/2012 . lagi sehari je nak puasa sebab 19 hb nak raya dah ! Yeay *guling-guling* lol ahha k. Bell terlebih excited sangat ni sebab esok nak balik kampung . kat kampung boleh main mercun dengan cousin2 . kat kampung jugak mana ada intertenet. Broadband pun macam gila je.

Eh korang dah beli baju raya ? Mesti dah kan? haha berapa pasang? Lol Saya empat pasang je ~(^-^)~ hahaha . Eh banyak? yeke banyak? Nama pun raya kan, rasa tak meriah lah kalau sikit. Tapi tahun ni je yang banyak baju raya! Bell punya baju raya colour PISH, Kelabu, Purple, biru. Ade yang sama dengan bell tak? hihi kita geng :* eh korang Dah buat kuih raya? bell pun dah buat haritu , kuih samprit , cornflakes madu , biskut nestum. Hihi tahun ni malas nak buat almond london malas nak buat lagi pun ,bell tak berapa suka dgn almond london lol xX! Eh tahun ni kan kita raya ada bf. Hahaha, tak expect pun ada bf sebelum raya tau. ingat single jee,eh tak rupanya. Eh new life , new friends , new baju raya , new shoes , new perfume, new shawl , new boyfeng ! Eh hahaha , k semua new...

Debaran hari raya pun dah terasa dekat rumah Bell ni.Semalam papa dengan adik Bell tak ada dekat rumah sebab diorang tidur dekat rumah opah . Memang tenteram gila adik tak ada dekat rumah. Heavennnn ! hahaha . So tinggal lah Bell , Arra dengan mama dekat rumah. Haritu mama tidur dekat Bilik , masa tu petang pukul 2 lebih macam tu, ada makanan atas meja! Tergugat iman ! Nafsu kata " makan je , bukan orang tahu" Hati kata " jangan , Allah nampak" Lol serious memang nak makan dah, sikit je lagi . Hahaha ,tapi sabar lagi berapa jam je lagi.

dengan ini saya Bell ingin menyusun jari tangan dan kaki serta menyisir bulu kening ,nak mintak maaf kepada semua orang kalau lah aku ada buat korang marah , terguris hati and etc . well saya kan nakal lol . raya kali ni harap-harap semua lagi ceria lagi bahagia . jangan melantak banyak sangat ok ok . Sampai sini sajalah saya menaip . Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf zahir dan batin :)

Selamat Menyambut Ramdan Dan selamat berpuasa
Friday, 20 July 2012 • 12:07 • 0 Girl(s)
Hi Assalamualaikum Muslims :) Cepat kan masa berlalu dah puasa. By the way Selamat Menyambut ramadan Dan Selamat berpuasa untuk saudara saudari islam :) Sekarang ni dah pukul 3.11 a.m . Bell tengah menunggu sahur tak tidur lagi ni . Haha bukan tak mahu tidur tapi Bell ni kalau dah tidur sedap2 then nak kena bangun awal memang malas ah. So bell ambil keputusan tak tidur harini . Eh harini jelah tak tidur hari sekolah mesti tidur. Hahaha. Bulan ramadan ni kerjakanlah amal ibadat dengan banyak . Pintu neraka semua tutup maka pintu syurga terbuka luas. Haa jangan lupa ye buat amal ibadat dapat pahala tau :D Puasa bukan sahaja mengajar kita bertahan lapar dan dahaga malah mengajar kita erti kesabaran . Bulan puasa ni tak elok mecarut,memaki hamun. Kurang pahala tu . Bulan puasa kita mestilah banyak bersabar :) Even kita tak mencarut malalui lidah sekalipun kurang pahala nya tau ! Haa ingat tuu. Siapa puasa penuh Bell bg duit raye . Eh? Hahaha .Sampai sini saje lah . Okay bye <3 Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

I wish i could date with him ツ
Thursday, 22 March 2012 • 02:16 • 0 Girl(s)

Seriously , i wish i could date with him one day (': iloveyou HARRY STYLES


Hey! My name is Bella I'm 18 Years Old. Welcome to my sweet bloggie^^ Ops. Actually,i'm not yet done editing blog. I'm sorry! i will fix it. bye

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