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Final Exam
Saturday, 10 November 2012 • 23:31 • 0 Girl(s)

 Assalamualaikum dan Hai semuanya,
Hi blogger. long time no see. gentle dulu aku rajin gila update blog but now nak bukak blog pun malas, malas nak update pulak. berbulan lah jugak. ni pun tiba2 terfikir pasal blog ni balik. rasa rindu nak bukak tu yg bukak tu. well, i've been busy with a lot of things including school and haven't got time to update this blog at all. i know my blog now is half-dead.

Exam macam mana ? okay? Lol, everything is okay. A huge thanks to my right , left , in front , back and all my friends that gave me a lot of answers. Hahahahaha thank you! *hugs* 
As i'm expected, my Math only on my knees la! Walaoweh. Can't understand even one question.Ugh maybe first three question i will get full mark but the other? *tutup muka*
Oh my lovely teachers, can you just make me pass on Math? 40% at least? Hurmm :( 



Hey! My name is Bella I'm 18 Years Old. Welcome to my sweet bloggie^^ Ops. Actually,i'm not yet done editing blog. I'm sorry! i will fix it. bye

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    Bounjour Alls ! Welcome to My world . Please don't copy anything here . Be a good girl and boy .
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    [ i wish i get straight A's in SPM 2013]
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