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Friday, 11 October 2013 • 04:55 • 0 Girl(s)

Hi alls. As you see my blog was half-dead. Long time no seeee. It's been over a year i'm not update my blog. Act, i forgot my password. Ok enough. First of all , I want to share something about my classmates. You know what i really hate my classmates. Super hate. I don't know even a small matter we're going messed up everythings. Especially someone who thinks she is great, she is pretty, she is this she is that! Argh i can's stand it anymore. They were too snobbish. I hate them all excepting certain people that making nice to me. Nahh nevermind , I'm too glad that time come so fast. But swear to god i will miss 'em. Because i'm a senior and that's mean? Yes it's my last time at Sekolah Menengah Bukit Jana in 2013. Hip hip hoorey. My hearts break a lil bit but nahhh nvm i still have my bestfriend! Who supported me from the back. And her name is Fiza and Adila. Only them understand what i'm feel about. 

On september 27th my fingernails almost gone but instead syukur alhamdulilah it just swelling. Thanks god. Hm i don't know how it happened. However, i've realised that we're must careful when we close out the car door. And that's was my nightmare! Be take note everyone , safety first wherever you go. By the way i've met this guy and he is mine. Hehe i will talk about him when i'm free. I gotta go. 

Ok i think that's it. Meet you guys again! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day adorable creatures. 



Hey! My name is Bella I'm 18 Years Old. Welcome to my sweet bloggie^^ Ops. Actually,i'm not yet done editing blog. I'm sorry! i will fix it. bye

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